CBT for Tinnitus Related Insomnia

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      CBT for tinnitus related insomnia
      BTA supported research

      As a result of the valuable research work carried out by Dr Laurence McKenna and Dr Liz Marks at University College London we are commissioning a new study into a treatment for tinnitus-related insomnia.

      Sleep disturbance is one of the most common complaints from people with tinnitus affecting between 50-70% of people attending tinnitus clinics.

      Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a psychological talking therapy which has been shown to help manage insomnia. CBTi is now part of the NICE guidelines for the management of long term insomnia (NICE 2014). This study will investigate the effectiveness of CBTi as a treatment of tinnitus-related insomnia. Sleep Hygiene (an approach commonly used in the tinnitus clinics) will be used as a control.

      The trial is a two-year project costing £73,099.

      Source: http://www.tinnitus.org.uk/cbt-for-tinnitus-related-insomnia

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