Cervical Spine Chiropractic Treatment... My Story (Tinnitus Cut by Half)

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by MartinH, Mar 11, 2019.

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      Hello to all... It's been a bit since I posted and I just wanted to share my experience with cervical spine chiropractic therapy / treatment, whatever you wanna call it.

      I've had tinnitus for a little over a year, i guess most of you know what that first year is like. If you haven't made it thru your first year, that "it gets better" thing that most people say is true. I went from being miserable most of the time to having a couple bad days a week, a couple moderate days, and one or two more or less quiet days, albeit never silent.

      I live on a small island in the far western Pacific so we don't have the best medical talent in most cases. I stumbled across a couple posts here on the forum about the topic of upper cervical spine chiropractic therapy and thought I'd give it a go. But those guys don't grow on trees. So I found myself in Manila, Philippines in the office of the only one in the country that specializes in this sort of care. Just as background on myself, I was in the military for 22 years, lots of boxing, motorcycle accidents, and ear infections in my past. I'm 53 years old and in descent shape. In any case, to get to the point, I was able to have an eval and two adjustments in the week I was here. Since the first treatment, I believe it was to realign my "atlas" bone at the very top of the spine, my tinnitus has been cut by at least half. They were very gentle adjustments, following several xrays and an explanation of what was up with my spine. Besides being more or less straight, my atlas was out of line. He explained that it could be putting pressure nerves. Again, it was a very gentle adjustment, no cracking of bones or anything. Following the adjustment he remeasured via xrays and a nerve scanner and there was quite apparently a change.

      I consulted two ENTs before going this route, and didn't get anything negative from them, only a warning to avoid any "aggressive" treatments. I was really clear with my chiro about that. He was a very impressive guy, quite obviously one of those people that are just good at what they do. You know, the kind you don't run into often in this circle.

      N8 Upper Cervical Chiropractic, Makati, Metro Manila is where I went. Please google if you want info on them.

      If you've beaten yourself up a bit during your life, perhaps you may benefit from this sort of treatment. I was always a skeptic of Chiropractic treatment, and have been warned by MDs to avoid them. This wasn't a typical "bone cracker" and I haven't felt like this for a year.

      Anyway, don't have time to edit, have to be on a airplane soon. Just wanted to share this with everyone.
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      I went to a chiropractor once for the same reason and I went home hurting badly. Never again.

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