Changing ears? Is this, uh, normal or good/bad?

Discussion in 'Support' started by russiancarl, Aug 3, 2014.

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      Can tinnitus change ears? Is this normal or a bad sign? I'm kind of freaking out because I haven't had this before.

      Quick back story... tinnitus was stable for 14 years, over last 2 months it has not been. New sounds, new volumes... going to a new doctor in 10 days at a special hearing/tinnitus center to see what's up.

      But then today I woke up and while I had the usual sounds to start something changed and I had a new louder mid-range tone in my right ear that i always hear intermittently in my left. My left ear is always worse and in fact my right ear NEVER rings like this. It's always the left. I'm kind of worried that this is a bad sign... I have no idea why my right ear would be affected. Maybe my brain is broken as I notice the left seems quieter now. :( Which makes me think that this is not something that'll go away or back to baseline. gah.

      Thanks much.
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      I have pulsating T in my left ear area of the brain. It is low, but still there. Once in a while I will get a signal in my right ear which is usually a higher more intense pitch. I do a simple technique and it fades out quickly. It works every time. I can count to about 30- seconds to 1 minute and it is gone.

      I press with one finger on the small soft spot just before the tragus (the protrusion partially covering the ear canal) and apply light pressure. Gone!

      This may not work for you, but worth a try

      my best for your recovery,
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