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    1. DiscoDisco

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      I've had a low grade ringing for about 2-3 years in one ear. It used to be even a fan on low setting at night would cover it up and unheard during the day. About two weeks ago I experienced for the first time two really dizzy spells right as I lifted my head off the pillow, a mild fever a few nights ago, and since then and currently an occasional feeling of being lightheaded. On this same timeline, the ringing was joined by what could also be described as the sound a distant highway makes. Sound level went from a 1 to 3 or 4. My ears pop occasionally. While I'm hoping its just a cold or THE cold and time will return it, I've noticed a different phenom starting last night. The ringing would come and go in one ear when I put my fingers in to concentrate on its source and other times I've now heard ringing as if it has moved into my left ear, especially when I lay my head down. My other ear has never had tinnitus symptoms up until last night, so the spread is more concerning than the volume being turned up (hopefully temporary). While it's of course impossible to diagnose without a real consult, I'm curious if this behavior is common - the movement from ear to ear or separation of two sounds from one ear to two? Then returning. And if it somewhat common, what are the rates at which it resolves itself?
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      I well-understand your frustration. Unfortunately, I am about to add to it.

      DD, the only predictable thing about tinnitus … is its unpredictability. And what you describe is neither common nor uncommon.

      I wish I could offer you something more specific and more profound, but I cannot. Regarding the likelihood that your tinnitus will "resolve itself," most tinnitus either disappears over time or it becomes so much a part of "self" that you get to the point where you are largely unaware of it. I truly wish I could be clairvoyant in that regard, but it would be unfair of me to even give it a shot.

      I realize that this is just about the last thing you wanted to hear in my long-overdue response to your Doctors Corner inquiry – but it is the very best I can do, because it is completely honest.

      Dr. Stephen Nagler
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