Trying to Understand Why the Volume of Tinnitus Keeps Changing

Discussion in 'Support' started by BB1, Jan 12, 2022.

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      I have had tinnitus for about seven months now. I'm getting more used to it. One thing I struggle with is the great variation I experience in how loud it is. Many days, I don't notice it much. Other days, it is fairly screaming, to the point where following conversation is difficult and masking is pointless.

      I understand that some of this due to habituation and my general mood, but it is also clear that the noise is objectively louder some days than others.

      What are other people's experiences? Do they have a sense of what causes the changes?

      One reason I'm curious is that I'd like to know how much of the noise is the result of factors I can influence - such as TMJ pain. It remains a big question as to how much of the noise I hear is tinnitus strictly speaking and how much is somatosensory sounds from TMJ pain and ear issues I've had in recent months.
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    2. Johan001

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      I have variations too, in its intensity and character. Some days are bearable while some are less so.

      I was first thinking it’s because of certain foods or alcohol or stress, but I’ve managed to get my life so self-isolated that most days are exactly the same, also in terms of what I eat or drink. I still have these fluctuations.

      I am sure some people may influence some of these factors. It’s very individual. I haven’t really find a way to get myself more quieter days: it either happens itself or it doesn’t.

      Curious what other people experience...
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    3. NYCGuy

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      Neck, Jaw or Stress, who knows.

      This is very difficult to know because it is specific to each person. Some are affected by neck, TMJ, diet such as salt, sugar or alcohol, CBD, doing exercises etc. You need to have a log of what you are doing and try to see what affects the tones.
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    4. volsung37

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      It's very difficult to tell what influences tinnitus sounds.

      Is it diet?

      I get a spike if I eat too late in the evenings.

      I also get a spike if I over exert myself.

      In the end you just do what you enjoy and damn the tinnitus.
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      Mine varies too. I feel your pain. So far I cannot find the trigger. Food, alcohol do not seem to affect it. I never sleep so that isn’t the culprit. Right now I am having a huge spike. Both ears. Super high pitched and hard to mask. It is very irritating and frustrating. It has been fairly quiet for a few months and now it is screaming again. I may be a little more congested than usual and my jaws are a little tighter than usual, but I have had both symptoms before without a spike.

      I hope yours and mine subsides soon.
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    6. arctic_penguin

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      Loud Music
      I had that too. There is a waterfall with crickets nearby where I live and sitting there for 20 minutes a night helped me.

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