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      Can someone who has "chirping" tinnitus tell me what their experience is like?

      This is the one word that seems different from all the other forms of tinnitus that I see described. Ringing, buzzing, hissing, roaring...these all seem like steady tones. But "chirping" seems like an intermittent one.

      I am mostly curious because I don't have a "constant" sound in my ear. I hear a chirp. Then 3 seconds of silence. (yep, silence. so I get to hear what silence sounds like. but with frequent interruptions.) Then a chirp. Continue indefinitely. It's "intermittent", but still chronic.

      I still feel like this could be categorized into the "stapedial myoclonus" category or the "typewriter tinnitus" category, the former of which can just go away on its own and the latter of which is fully suppressed with anti-seizure medication. But stapedial myoclonus persists with stress, and I am most definitely stressed about this sound and can't seem to get past it. If it's "typewriter tinnitus", I could take anti-seizure medication, but it sounds like that medication can cause tinnitus too, and it also has tons of side effects.

      Is there anyone out there who JUST has chirping tinnitus, and would you describe it as "intermittent"? Or do all of you who have a "chirp" in your ear also have some form of constant, steady tone? I really, really, REALLY wish I just had one constant, continuous tone...in my times of stress, my other ear actually takes on a constant ring that is louder than this chirp in my other ear, and it's such a relief when that happens because it gives me a constant, steady tone to listen to.

      Mostly I just want to know if those of you with "chirping" tinnitus would describe your sound as....




      The difference is clear, yes?

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