Chronic & Variable Tinnitus Over 50+ Years

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      Aloha each and all.
      I accidentally discovered this place while researching piercings to help deal with this.
      I’ve had it since I was three or four years old, diagnosed at six and my pediatrician tentatively thought it might be related to aspirin.
      Anywho, it ranges from being turned off (ohhhhh, blesssed times are these) to so loud dogs can hear it. Yes, I can here most of the dog whistles Hz range.

      Frequency ranges low barely subsonic (not so bad…) to supersonic. I’m guessing 30,000~40,000 Hz. I’ve worked around electrical equipment that operates within those upper ranges. I can here the ballasts that power fluorescent lights :(
      It was an advantage with a couple jobs I used to have.

      So, Yeah... multiple frequencies, variable intensity/volume, both ears, comes and goes, white noise semi-obliterates conversation.
      It’s a mess on there

      Anyone familiar with piercings that have helped you?

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