Citalopram and Tinnitus Spike

Discussion in 'Support' started by Andrew hilton, Apr 27, 2016.

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      I am in a bit of a bind and I don't know what to do. I have started taking citalopram for depression caused by tinnitus, I have had a massive spike in my tinnitus for two months and cannot cope, cannot sleep and cannot focus on anything bar my ear so the doctor recommended I try it.

      It's now been five days on it and it seems to be making it even louder. I am sitting at work and just cannot concentrate, but do feel as if it may help. Now reading Kevin hogan and a few other places, this may be expected,and should pass, but now I'm getting scared. I don't want to stop as I need to get out of this hole, but I'm scared this will be permanent, I don't know what to do, every day is so hard, I'm so tired. I'm also taking zopiclinr, but it's only minorly helping.
    2. JasonP

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      In my opinion you need to call the doctor and tell him asap. Maybe something else can be prescribed.
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      I know someone who takes it and helps their tinnitus.
      It could be due to the side effects taking them as any drug that works on the brain is going have some effects to start with a I know it can make you feel worse and anxiety worse but after 3 weeks you should start to see the benefit.
      Give it more time and I think it will settle down.....lots of love glynis
    4. MarioT
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      Stress + SSRI medication
      Please keep us posted about your experience with citalopram! All the best!
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      I don't want to scare you but check out this message board:

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