Cochlear Hydrops? Worth Investigating Further?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Deamon22, Feb 2, 2019.

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      Head Trauma/Cold?
      Hey everyone, I randomly read about this condition and noticed that it can be a result of whiplash. My tinnitus actually started with a cold but I had whiplash from a car accident 1.5 months earlier (felt dizzy, balance problems, vomiting and headaches). A few weeks before the tinnitus I also experienced some instances of hyperacusis. At the time my tinnitus started the whiplash symptoms seemed to be mostly gone.

      I had one episode of vertigo a month later after a physiotherapy session but that went away after I did the movements for BPPV. Never had vertigo since then (also never before).

      After a few months my tinnitus was nearly gone but came back after another bad head cold in November and it took again a while to get better. Last weekend I caught another cold. I am having again a big spike now so of course I am worrying now again. I also am having a few times a week fleeting tinnitus (just a few seconds each time).

      My first hearing test during the cold showed some losses of 20 and 25 dB in both ears at 500 Hz and 8000 Hz. After the cold passed the hearing test came out normal. Another ENT did also some balance testing and fork test and said everything normal. However I notice some speech-in-noise problems in everyday life (of course I am also monitoring it now a lot more than before). But to be honest I kind of remember having that also before all this happened.

      Do you guys think this is worth checking out with my ENT? Maybe I am just afraid because I am having a spike right now.

      I also could take an extended audiogram in any case at my new ENT. But since my symptoms improved so much before my last cold I kind of didn't want to investigate further.
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