Cold and Tinnitus Connection?

Discussion in 'Support' started by MichaelCast, Mar 16, 2015.

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      Hello all. I'm new to TT. A little about my history. I started hearing ringing in my ears around 2008. It wasn't that loud and I habituated pretty quickly and easily. I think I got it from being on anti-convulsants and anti-depressants at the time. I told my doctor this but he didn't seem to think so. Anyway, fast forward to two weeks ago and I have had a massive spike in T. I believe it's because I was sick. My doctor told me I either had a sinus infection or a virus. Not sure. It's in my right ear mostly and it's gotten louder and the frequency has gone up. I feel mostly better now but the ringing is still the same. Has anybody had the same experience? What can I expect?
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      Hi Micheal welcome to tt,

      Sorry to hear about your t increase give it time it should subside,if not if you have habituated before it should happen again and you will get back to normal.
      there is a really good link by iwholovemusuic,about not measuring your t volume but how it makes you feel I think this is a really good method for those who have had t for a while and are hardened to the noise.
      maybe not so handy for new t sufferers as the new noise makes you feel terrified.
      I use it and I think it works great.
      I don't know how to put iwhlovemusic
      link up perhaps someone else might help.
      some people say that NAC takes the edge off maybe someone can put a link for that too.
      Bioflavonoids with rutin and hespidrin seem to make mine less intrusive.(Amazon)
      maybe some else might have some other tips Mike but I would just give it some time try not panic live your life as normal and things will get better.
      take care

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