Cold, Clogged Ears That Cannot Be Popped, Horrible Increase in Tinnitus, What to Do?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Rayden151, Feb 2, 2015.

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      What would you suggest when while having a cold/flu, your ears are getting clogged by the day, you are not able to pop your ears anymore, and ears are starting to hurt (sharp pain)? Tinnitus has increased and due the clogged ears you hear muffled (probably very thick mucus in middle ear, feels so, but not sure). Probably ETD plays a role.
      GP thinks of middle ear fluid as a cause of the cold/flu and no otitis media.

      Are there any of you that experienced such a case and what did you do? Treatment?
      There are so many options, and also the option to do nothing.
      Are there people that started Augmentin, or predisone to unclogg ears?

      Kind to hear what you guys think of it and did.
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      I had the clogged ears, I found inhaling steam worked better than anything to help clear the ETs. 3 to 4 times a day at first, now I only need to do it once in a while.
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      I agree with the above, along with having a look at EngineerLA's threads as he has posted some elaborate protocols that have helped him.
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      Ok I will look at the protocols as you guys have suggested !! thanks!
      Started with amoxiciline as doctors prescription (not an ENT btw), diagnosis Otitis media now.

      Would addition of prednisone an option to reduce edema, mucus etc. ? Or would you increase infection (in case viral)?

      Doctor did not suggest to do any extra tests (tympanometry, or audiometrie), should I insist on further testing like an audiometry or referral to ENT?

      Like you to hear your suggestions guys.

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