Combined Central and Peripheral Stimulation for Treatment of Chronic Tinnitus: a Pilot Study

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      Combined central and peripheral stimulation for treatment of chronictinnitus: a randomized pilot study.

      We found that combined stimulation was effective in tinnitus treatment. This effect remained for 4 weeks after the end of the treatment. However, each of rTMS and LLLT alone had no significant effect. Repeated-measures ANOVA showed a significant effect of Time and Time × Intervention interaction for THI and VAS scores. The post hoc t test for different time points per intervention revealed a significant difference between baseline and all postintervention measurements of both THI and VAS for the combination intervention.

      Combined central rTMS and peripheral LLLT is more beneficial as a new method for management of tinnitus rather than these two used separately.
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      This seems promising. I don't recall this type of significant improvement before.
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      Any update since 2014?

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