Common Things to Avoid/Do/Consume — What Has Helped?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ckg, Feb 27, 2017.

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      I nearly cried when I found this forum. I try to not think about the constancy of the noise in my ears. I'm 57 and have been suffering from tinnitus for several years now. It isn't unbearable, and I mostly notice when I'm in a quieter environment. But it is always there.

      It seems to have gotten worse over the last year or so, though I have not made any significant changes to lifestyle or diet - both of which are healthy. I have no medical conditions and my blood pressure is normal. After perusing the internet (though not initially finding this site), my takeaway was that nothing will actually help, and it is a condition to learn to live with. I would very much like to hear what, if anything, is common among sufferers in terms of what to avoid, encourage, consume etc. in order to best live with this.

      While the cause of my tinnitus is unknown to me, I do know that, as a child, I had an office visit procedure during which I was put to sleep and had wax removed.

      Thank you for your help. I would like to feel that there is hope for improvement.
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      firstly have you seen a ent specialist yet to confirm the diagnosis? it is always better to get expert advise first before seeking any other remedy.
      personally i dont find that any change of diet can improve or worsen this ailment. However, having some form of "background noise", can. as it gives your mind something else to listen too, rather than its own internals. so turn the radio, or tv up a bit , make a distraction.

      BUT see an ENT first and get things check professionally first if you have not already done so.
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      In our life we meet with very much people but we get a few like a real friend. Tinnitus talk is one(in few) of them. May god bless u.
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      Hi ckg,

      I agree with Gregk9, see an ENT and see what he/she says. Be willing to become a student of tinnitus and of your own body. What I've learned is that we're all individuals, and different things affect different people. You're unique, and that's both good and a challenge. We're walking with you!

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