Connection between mercury amalgams, TMJ, and tinnitus

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      Hello, and my sympathies to everyone who has tinnitus. I just signed up on this forum and I haven't read any of the threads yet, so I apologize if this thread has already been covered elsewhere.

      I have had tinnitus in both ears since February 1998. There are several probable causes as follows:
      1. Genetically bad bite - I could just have been born with it.
      2. Head injury - In high school I banged my chin on another guy's head during a football game. This may have changed the position of my jaw.
      2. Heavy metal intoxication - As my nickname implies, I had 13 mercury fillings between 1981 and 2011. These have all since been removed but my holistic dentist informed me that mercury intoxication can cause you to grind your teeth at night to try to get rid of the mercury. This can lead to bad bite (TMJ or TMD), and again, cause tinnitus.

      I believe that TMJ, mercury, or the football accident, or maybe all three have caused my tinnitus. I have learned to live with it and it's not so bad.

      One thing I'd like to emphasize is that when I was diagnosed with TMJ in 1998, the first all-day nightguard I was given eliminated ALL my symptoms. It did however, take six weeks to work, but it was truly amazing! None of the other methods I have tried since then have been as effective, so I'm going to get another one.

      Also, I did try an NTI (mini-nightguard) and while it helped me not grind at night, it did not remove the tinnitus or TMJ. I am going to see my holistic dentist again and ask her to make me another all-day nightguard. I will post updates on the success after that.

      If I may, I would like to strongly suggest that people not experiment with any supplements until they've been checked for heavy metal toxicity levels and/or TMJ. Note that mercury is not the only heavy metal that can cause tinnitus. There are many.

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