(...) Connection That Turns Phantom Sound Into Distress

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      The complete title is "Pinpointing a Highly Specific Pathological Functional Connection That Turns Phantom Sound into Distress.". Again i have access to the abstract only. But some sentences are interesting. By De Ridder, Congedo and Vanneste

      Electroencephalography data of 317 tinnitus patients and 256 healthy subjects were analyzed, using independent component analysis

      So i guess it is not underpowered.

      Results demonstrate that tinnitus is characterized by at least 2 major brain networks, each consisting of multiple independent components. One network reflects tinnitus distress, while another network reflects the loudness of the tinnitus.

      Self explanatory

      The distress and loudness networks do not intercommunicate for patients without distress, but do when patients are distressed by their tinnitus.

      That being said, they did not say that distress and loudness are well correlated. Just that the neural networks communicate. Naive question: for the patients who have no distress, what is their distress network that does not communicate ?

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      thanks for posting an attachment that doesnt need a translation :)

      I dont know, De Ridder and those guys seem behind the curve - the Hifu guys and some others are at the forefront now. Seems like these guys are just going through the motions and flogging a dead horse
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      Hi people
      I'm going to assume that in your cases that having Tinnitus for as long as you have you've both read the TRT/Jasterboff&Hazell work book. I'm into month 7 of this stupidity and have found that book somewhat of a revalation, breaking down how both systems in your mind and body try to co-exisist and how both would seem to play a part in Tinnitus. Now by no means have I been cured but by reading this book I have brought myself to a better understanding on how and why I feel the way I do about Tinnitus.
      I can't specifacly say that it has worked for me but I've used the better understanding from this book to help me cope and TRY to make myself function as normally as possible.
      Since reading this book over the last 2 weeks I seem to have learned to cope a little better, as for Deridder I've not really found anything new and outstanding and I would agree with jojunior in that he may be flogging a dead horse.

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