Constant Tinnitus for More Than a Month from Going on a Long Run

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      Hi all,

      I'd like to share my story to see if I can have some clues about the source of my tinnitus.

      I got constant tinnitus after I went for a long run (weird I know). The sound is high (something like a windy 8000 Hz). Before that, I had tinnitus occasionally, but this was lasting for less than an hour. The sound becomes louder if I bend my head right or left, but not front/back. Also it becomes louder if open my mouth wide or I tighten the teeth.

      In the previous months (Dec-Feb) I noticed that, sometimes, I would hear this sound while eating, when closing the mouth. I found it "funny", but never paid too much attention. Unfortunately, this became suddenly constant.

      The main changes I can see over the last year:
      - I had an Invisalign treatment completed in April 2019 and afterwards being on the retainers
      - in November, I removed a wisdom tooth, I still have 2 of them but they are in a good position according to the dentist

      A week ago, I visited an ENT and he said my Eustachian tubes are inflamed for no apparent reason. Also, he observed my eardrums a bit inward bent. I've been using two strong anti-inflammatory for more than a week (one pill, one spray) but do not observe yet improvements. I visited also a jaw physiotherapist, but no benefits from that as well.

      Can I derive any hints from the fact that the tinnitus apparently started earlier connected to teeth biting?

      Thanks for any advice, Sergio

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