Constantly Changing Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jake, Sep 29, 2013.

    1. Jake

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      Lawrence, KS
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      Does anyone else have this? My T never seems to stay a constant tone or noise. It always seems to be changing. In the morning my T is almost non-existent and there are also some points during the day that it seems like it's almost completely gone. Other times it annoys the hell out of me. What does this mean?
    2. RaZaH

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      Reykjavík, Iceland
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      Benzo + loud noise
      Yeah, for me its absolutely awful in the morning and varies through the day ...never non-existent though.
      Don't know what any of this means? Although I have noticed that monitoring it and trying to find logic in this drives me nuts. T seems to have a mind of its own.
    3. meeruf

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      This is my pattern:

      Morning: Very low static-TV-ish sound in right ear.
      After shower: Changed into a buzzing sound.
      10 minutes after shower: Back to static-TV-ish sound.
      Sometimes out of the blue: Total new sound, always a pure tune. Goes away slowly, then back to static-TV-ish or buzzing.

      If I'm crumpling a plastic/paper bag. It instantly goes up in loudness in buzzing-ish way. Sometimes very loud. But when I stop it goes down again.

      Other times, it goes super high pitch in both ears. I have not found any pattern in the super high pitch ringing. Seems random when it happen, but don't last long.

      If I'm just chilling, take it easy in front of my computer, playing poker or something. it sometimes goes away. Or at least so low that I can't hear it because of the laptop fan. Those moments are pure bliss. Therefor, I have been playing a lot of poker lately. :p While listening to ocean, nature, forest and birds in my headphones. xD
    4. JTP
      No Mood

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      Shit happens
      It does not mean anything but that you have that kind of T.

      I have a playlist of maybe five different noises that happen without any rhyme or reason with varying intensities. If some noise annoys me I know there will soon be something different:) Ultrahigh pitch is a common factor though.

      Sometimes it is almost silent and that makes me nervous for some odd reason.
    5. Sherri786

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      Never non existent but yes constantly changing , high when I wake up in the morning then v v low after a long shower, then the hissing or electric kettle steam or static type sounds start.
    6. TJPositive

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      I'm only familiar with a high-pitched ringing. It's constant and rarely changes pitch.
    7. Nina83

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      The Netherlands
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      2000, new outbreak in 07/2013
      My sounds also keep changing, but the ultrahigh pitch is a common factor for me too. The fact that your T seems to disappear every once in a while seems a good sign to me though! Has it always been that way?
    8. largefries

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      Mine goes quieter during the day mostly. Absolute nightmare morning and night time. It seems to get quiet after i actually get up which is quite annoying if i want a lie in.
    9. yonkapin

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      Melbourne, Australia
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      March 2012
      Mine is changing constantly at the moment, I literally have like 10 different tones, some are permanent and some decide to come and go as they please, and they vary quite greatly in severity. Some tones I've had for a while and I've completely habituated to, however I've been getting some very high frequency shrills tones that are difficult to mask, which is quite annoying. The more annoying tones don't seem to hang around too long though, so I'm hoping this is just a temporary thing.

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