Cool Fish I Caught on Saturday

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Hudson, Sep 3, 2013.

    1. Hudson

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      I caught a 15 lb catfish (we weighed it) on Saturday. I thought I would include the picture of me.


      This is me not giving a damn about tinnitus.
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    2. Markku

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      Very cool. (y)

      Fishing is weirdly relaxing and a nice way to spend some alone time or hang out with friend. I wonder how many has it as a hobby here? I used to be a more regular fisher when I was younger and lived nearby a lake, but now in the city I only go fishing a couple of times during the summer.

      Thanks for posting a pic of your life - tinnitus doesn't rule it! Take example newbies, life can continue to be enjoyable with the noise :)

      PS. I don't think we have catfish in Finnish waters anymore. According to Wikipedia we had it in the 1800s, and in the Gulf of Finland it was seen until 1960s, but not after that.
    3. Bacus

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      Hudson, great catch mate

      You deserve to be proud, enjoy eating the beast ( u can eat it I assume)
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    4. Grant1

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    5. LadyDi

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      One dang fine fish!
      I would like to see more photos of people not giving a damn about tinnitus. New thread!
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    6. Cher69

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      York, UK
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      Impressive catch ! My husband is fishing mad spends hours by the river - it's a man thing that us girls dont get ;)
    7. Fish

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      July 2012
      This is a huge fish!

    8. Scubadude

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      Exmouth Devon UK
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      Jan 2013
      Let me train you Hudson! Fishing is fine but being down there watching them doing their thing is awesome.

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