Coping with Multiple Changing Tinnitus Sounds?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Allan1967, Jan 25, 2019.

    1. Allan1967

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      Ear infection
      Hi all,

      For those with more than one sound, how do you cope?

      Up until October (& for 20 years before that) I had one sound & all I had to deal with was variations in loudness.

      Since my noise exposure in October, my original sound is higher but I also have beeps in my left ear, that are there when I wake up, disappear through the day, then come back on at night. Sometimes it's not there at all.

      Then my right ear will do the same or sound like someone rubbing a wet finger on a wine glass rim towards the end of the day.

      When I first got tinnitus 20 years ago I had these beeps and pulsatile tinnitus, but this vanished, I didn't even notice when, it just did.

      10 years ago my left hand jaw pinged and I got TMJ and I had an awful radio screeching oscillating in my head but that went after 5-6 months.

      I'm finding this current situation hard to deal with. I just don't see light at the end of the tunnel.

      How do you cope with it? For me it's the randomness of it; the 'oh frack there it is'; the waking up one day and the beeps being there or maybe not.
    2. Nick M

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      When I first got my tinnitus, I had the lower pitched steady tone and the super high pitched fluctuating beeps.

      Out of desperation, I did a 180 on my lifestyle, I was overweight so I lose a bunch of weight, started eating healthy, working out daily etc. This knocked out the high pitched beeps but I still had the low pitched stead hum which I could totally deal with.

      Fast forward a couple of years, I got hit with a string of bad luck. I injured my back, followed with severe sinusitis with fever, followed by laziness and my bad habits health-wise were back and this is when my tinnitus was back to the starting point with the high pitched beeping. It was a real setback and it has affected by overall mood and outlook. I honestly thought I had fought and won tinnitus but I was wrong. It had always been there, just under control and when it came back, I knew I had to break my bad habits and go back to what I was doing so I've started doing that recently. Hope this helps.
    3. Gman

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      Ototoxic earwax drops
      My first 6 months was super low and stable, as far as I can recall it was pretty much monotonal. I never lost sleep over it and it wasn't a big deal as I assumed it would go away.

      For the past 2 years it has been changing frequencies pretty much daily and can be many sounds or fairly singular. It can be stable or reactive. There can be hums, hissing, tones, little blips, sudden momentary deafness with fleeting t, zinging ultra high frequency, middle ear thumps and clicks (TTTS), and everything in between. Many days it can be barely audible, but can be intrusive where it rides above almost anything. Or on the odd occasions the T shuts off altogether for a spilt second. I know it's not as bad as others here, but its constant changing has been difficult to habituate to and compounded by H and noise exposures, but in the past months I have been. I just don't react to it so much I guess. I know now it is possible to sleep in a quiet room with this racket going on. Only bad spikes make me worried.

      The light at the end of the tunnel are the treatments being developed like Mute Button et al.
    4. cj5suzy

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      I am having a really bad time right now. Extremely high pitch in both ears with multiple tones. I have a box fan on high and my air purifier on high but the noise in my head is way higher. My nerves are shot and i feel desperate.
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    5. ItsNate101

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      Military/Recent major spike unknown
      Welcome to my world. Big box fan always 2-3 inches from my face. I cant lay on my sides if my ear is being covered because the tinnitus sounds louder. Also the girl singing in my ears doesn't help. Makes it worse. Worse than the tinnitus at some points.
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      Ear infection
      @Nick M
      Thank you for that. I really need to quit the smoking and get my physical and mental act together as my wife's health is starting to slide now.

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