Copy of My Hearing Test and Otoacoustic Emissions

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      I'm male and early mid 30's. Tests up to 8k seemed like normal hearing. Slight hearing loss of -10 to -15 at some frequencies however after 30 years on this planet who doesn't? Where i'm confused is if T is really brought on my hearing loss in even higher frequencies than 8K then why in the world would not everyone have it after a certain age?

      This is my 5th ENT visit in NY and so far all the doctors have no idea to firmly decide on why i'm suffering from turbulent Tinnitus that came on after my an accident that injured my hip, lower back, jaw and head.

      This ENT seems to believe my T was triggered by emotional red alert stress. My argument is then why would it not be in both ears? He discussed anti-depressants, however despite me being upset, i have always been genuinely happy. My opinion rests that somewhere in the brain or ear there has to be physical injury.

      Hearing tests attached (might need to rotate..sorry).

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      Music, viral? ...
      I wish I could explain that to you... and to me; my case is similar ...

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