Could Antidepressants Help?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jkph75, Apr 14, 2016.

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      Could they help? I'm losing my mind. Every time I think it's getting better it gets louder. It's so loud w/ 3 different sounds I can't mask it. I feel like it's going to swallow me alive. I can't live like this.
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      12/2014 became noticable
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      Loss of hearing and then stress and anxiety
      Initially when I had loud T and it kept getting worst, the only thing that helped was clonazepam. Its a benzo not an anti-depressant, but it will quiet it down immediately if it is really loud and even better it will make you not care you have it. Be careful, it is addictive though, but depending on where you are at with this thing, it might help. It helped me a lot at the beginning, but eventually I got off of it once I learned to cope better. From my experience, regular anti-depressants didnt do anything for my T, but everyone is different.

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