Could My Tinnitus Be Caused by an Ear Infection?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Brandon joseph, May 11, 2016.

    1. Brandon joseph

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      On and off since 2014
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      The cold
      I visited an ent specialist yesterday and she said my inner ear has fluids in it or something is being blocked somewhere causing the T i did experience an ear infection 2 years ago and that was when i first noticed the ringing in my head and completely went into panic mode but my gp gave me some meds and it went away im thinking now maybe i should have just gone back by him.... Im hoping it really is an ear infection and it goes away soon
    2. Owen

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      Unclear. Inflammatory allergic reaction/AIED
      The short answer is yes. Many people, including some doctors incorrectly see it as a result of acoustic trauma, but hormonal changes, ETD, Viruses, TMJ, acoustic schwannoma, perilymph fistula and brain damage are all also possible causes - amongst others.

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