Could Overprotecting Cause an Increase in Spikes? And a Thank You.

Discussion in 'Support' started by geg1992, May 17, 2015.

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      Hi all,

      This may sound crazy and it probably is.

      But...from the limited information I've gathered, T seems to be from an auditory shock rather than just usual hearing loss, hence why a lot of people with normal hearing loss don't have T. I've also seen that people who protect their ears and shelter themselves from noise seem to suffer from a lot of spikes. Could over protecting the ears cause the tolerance of a 'Shock' to lower. For example, lower db's will cause an auditory shock? Therefore causing a spike?

      Or is this just crazy? As I don't really protect my ears at all, except over say 90db, and I have only had a few spikes but I think they are mostly from anxiety.

      Also, I'd like to thank everyone on this forum. I have made huge steps into getting over this horrible condition, or whatever it is classed as! And I have had such great advice from this forum. I literally thought I couldn't handle life any more, I felt like life was pointless, but with great advice a long with my fantastic, caring girlfriend, I don't feel like that any more. It still bothers me sometimes but I just try to get on with life as I know reacting will make it worse. I still fear for my future greatly and don't enjoy the things I once used to, but I feel I'm making progress none-the-less. I may even go to the cinema (with ear plugs) which I never thought i'd do again. I also haven't slept with masking for several weeks, again something I didn't think I'd do. I'll touch wood now as I know the unpredictability of this, but I wanted to give hope to the new sufferers out there, that it does get better. Much better.

      So once again, thank you all.
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      This is really sad. You had a fantastic, caring girlfriend two weeks ago and now she has dumped you. Not so fantastic and caring...

      Why would you overprotect? Do you want hyperacusis? Protect your hearing only when you think it's needed.

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