Could TMJ Cause This?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Shadgirl, Apr 3, 2015.

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      Ok I'm back again and looking for some information on TMJ. That ENT I went to pointed out that all my symptoms seem to be coming from my jaw and said my ears are normal. So hears some questions about TMJ.
      1. If you change head positions dose it affect tinnitus? Make it louder when laying down and quieter when sitting or standing?
      2. Dose it react to the weather changes?
      3. Can it get worse if not treated quickly? Especially if it's caused by night grinding?
      4. Can tinnitus get worse after treatments or can it get better?
      Well that's about it. I sure hope questions 1 and 2 sound TMJ related. I don't know whats going on if its not. Iv got all the symptoms of TMJ and was given a mouth guard last year for night grinding but didn't use it. And I didn't have tinnitus until a few mouths ago ether. No hearing damage, my ears are fine, no tumors found, what else could it be?
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      did they confirm you have TMJ?

      why didn't you use the mouth guard you were given?

      will you be seeing a dentist about the TMJ?

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