Cracking sound in one ear

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dishman, Sep 18, 2013.

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      Before tinnitus started my right ear felt blocked for a couple weeks, then as it started to unblock whenever I opened my mouth wide I get a louder than normal physical click/cracking/grinding sound (sometimes multiple quick cracks) in my right ear, it feels and sounds like tiny bones are breaking or grinding inside my right ear (best explanation I can come up with) I can even make it crack without opening my mouth, sort of like when you start to yawn it makes the loud crack/cracks as well. My ear does not feel quite so blocked now but the cracking sound just isn't going away now for over 2.5 months and it is and has been way louder than the normal soft click of the eustachian tube that I get from my left ear. If I push down with my finger directly behind my right ear lobe it quiets down the cracking sound a lot. (no cracking sound in left ear or plugged feeling ever and the tinnitus seems louder in my right ear when I'm trying to sleep) Has anyone heard of this before?

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