Crickets Chirping Away

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by bob, Dec 6, 2011.

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      Have had tinnitus for about 15 years, I'm a farmer that is proably why I have tinnitus. I'm 54 never wore ear protection on the open tractors when I was younger. All the tractors we have now are with cabs on and almost soundprof. Just had my hearing checked yesterday, ears are great no wax build up, no scar tissue in the ears. Hearing test, I passed that with a good score. Tried some hearing aids on, they was great. No chirping crickets, complete silence. I wanted to wear them just at nite time but said you can't do that laying down a pillow. Going to another ear doctor on Friday, see if any magic to quiet my crickets. I guess I call my tinnitus crickets crirping away because I'm a farmer. I wear ear protection now anytime I get in a loud enviroument. All this modern medicine I can't beleive somebody can't a cure for this. I live in West Central ohio if anybody has any good doctors in this area. please give me his name. I could swear the cold weather effects my tinnitus, lot louder during the winter time. Long story I'll stay in touch and checkout the website everyday.
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      Hi Bob,

      My T was about a bizillion crickets too, but that is now changing... it is not a cricket sound so much anymore... a quiet electrical high pitch sound.It pulsates lightly most times.

      Sorry that I can't help you... don't live in your neck of the woods!

      I am making some great progress if you want to look over the thread UST - sound therapy I stared to keep a diary of my progress with the protocol. It is an option that some find is beneficial.

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