Cure of My Pulsatile Tinnitus

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      Cure of my pulsatile tinnitus

      Just came back from doctor’s office, doctor said this is the first case he ever heard, hope there will be a second one.

      I am 68 yrs old, nine months ago I started hearing noise from my neighbors; I thought someone was working on carpenter’s job, like shaving the wood. As times goes by, it got more often, until at one still of the night, he was still working, I thought he must crazy or doing something in secret? I grabbed a flash light and tried to find out what was going on. There were no noise from my neighbors; it was all from my own left ear, thumping sound like currents of blood streams gushing through my left ear’s vessel, in conjunction and sequencing with my own heart’s bits. Few days later I went to my family doctor and he referred me to other doctors for: blood test, hearing test, ultrasound, x-ray, CT, MRI, Chinese doctors, Chinese medicines, acupuncture, take internet recipes, exercises, allergic pills, tinnitus pills, ginkgo biloba, and selenium etc.__ with no real result.

      Five month ago my ear, nose and throat doctor told me “Congratulations you don’t have any major problems, your hearing is OK, every morning when you wake up, and you must count your blessings, that you are still alive and celebrate for each day. As for your tinnitus concern, you must accept the fact that your blood vessel is growing old, it will not works as good as before. As after an earthquake, an old road is blocked, you have to use an alternative new rough and crooked road, it is not as easy and flat as before, but you can still get around and arrive to your new destinations, you should be still happy. Meanwhile you must treat tinnitus as your own good friend. When you were a baby in mother’s wombs, you felt easy and comfortable, or when you hear the cries of your grandchildren, you will eventually love it. See you in 6 months”

      I try to stay positive thinking, but every night when I go to bed, it is like going to an execution field or chambers, and the sound is loud and horrible. On bed I tried to count sheep, turned and bent my neck and head, do massages and exercises posted on you tube, do somersault and rock and roll of my own invention. All in vain. Meanwhile I continue to listen all different kind of music, to buffer the thumping sound. Finally I choose KUSC 91.5AM LA classic music channel(not commercial), make me through the night.

      Four months ago my friend suggested me to double or more the amount of daily intake of fish oil Omega-3 plus new krill oil vitamins(not commercial). Still without any immediately results. But at least gave me some hope.

      Another two weeks later, I had a seafood buffet; I had diarrhea and vomited twice. During vomiting process, I had to put my head way down to let the food rushed out and had a violent stomach mussel spasm, I felt very uncomfortable. But strangely enough since then the thumping sound was gone; I did not hear any thumping sound until now.

      I keep my fingers cross, hope this pulsatile tinnitus won’t come back to me. Because the doctor couldn’t tell me how to prevent it.

      I think the combination of fish oil and spasm helped me cured my pulsatile tinnitus. Let you be the judge.

      Alan 2-20-17
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      Did it ever come back?
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      not known, too many possible causes
      I also think that the fish oil and the spasm (which pushed blood upward) removed the block that was blocking the road in your blood vessel and made the passage of blood, through a narrower path now, audible.
      What do you think contributed with this problem in a blood vessel?
      Did you smoke?
      High cholesterol levels?

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