Cycling Tinnitus, Anybody Else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by noisebox, Mar 10, 2016.

    1. noisebox

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      Yorkshire, UK
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      West End show. Came back 2015 vitamin D overdose prescribed
      As one of the many things I dwell on about T, that fact it cycles drives me nuts.
      I saw anew audiologist recently and I did like him, plus he told he had T for 2 years and now he no longer hears it so I was prepared to listen to him.
      But he says it is impossible for T to change from day to day.
      Mine honestly changes minute by minute some days.
      But it has a pattern, one day is louder to start and goes up all day, the next is very quiet to start and only develops to very high hiss, then the cycle repeats.
      The audiologist says it me doing it, but I had two breaks away recently where life was noisy chaos, sleep disruption and it seemed to alter but once back home within a day it had slipped back to its old routine.
      Does anybody else have a clear pattern?
    2. Fangen

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      Stockholm, Sweden
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      December 2nd, 2015
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      Acoustic trauma (loud concert for 1h)

      Mine has a clear pattern of this:

      Morning: Slightly lower.
      Afternoon: Always one or two spikes where the pitch goes up (or volume).
      Evening: Better, seems somewhat calm.
      Night: Rings like crazy (maybe because of the silence), lately I have gotten more "alarm-pattern" ringing beside my hissing (which sounds like EEEeee EEeeEEe EEEEeee. Like it has these tiny micro-pauses between them. Never had that before. Then it goes away til morning.

      So it can change a lot from day to day. That is the usual pattern but I had really bad days and some good days with calmer T. So on that part, I'd not take what your audiologist say. Maybe he is so habituated that he doesn't notice the changes, but if you look around the forum, we can all agree that T doesn't have to have a clear pattern.
    3. PatrickG

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      Stockholm, Sweden
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      Punch/kick to the right ear
      Yes @noisebox mine is cycling and fluctuating as hell.

      I have several noises that cycles. The low days there is a hiss. The medium days there is a hiss and a metallic rattle. The loud days there is a sharp hiss and laser high frequency sound (12kHz), or a sharp hiss and a mosquito/tea kettle sound. Usually it goes something like this: loud, medium, loud, low, loud, medium, medium, loud, low, medium, high, high, low... It really drives me crazy some days. I can't seem to find any triggers for this and it almost always resets after I wake up.
    4. Reinier
      Not amused

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      Explosion starting engine
      It is not my personal experience that it is subjective. I do start reasonable quit in the morning and end up with high levels in the evening. My tinnitus level is lower in the morning for sure.
    5. Paromita

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      April 2016
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      Not sure, maybe dental and facial nerve
      Hi Noisebox,

      Yes it cycles...mine often with days - 2-3 days quiet, then quiet loud....then again quiet....sometimes even during the day :(
    6. Dominic1955

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      Waverly, Pennsylvania
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      Idiopathic hearing loss
      My is always loud! Nothing maskes it!
    7. Tom Cnyc

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      Warehouse event after years of enjoying music.
      Yup. I get days of Almost total silence - even a few days in a row. When it gets shitty it's a clear pattern. 2 nights of being woken up, one loud day, and then after I sleep 10 hours after exhaustion of no sleep, quiet again.

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