Cycling Tinnitus Since 2009

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      I'm sure my T has been cycling since I first acquired it in the summer of '09. I was feeling bad at the time and thought I had Lyme disease. My doctor found nothing, but it felt like I was poisoned by something - just odd.
      For the past couple months I have been using the Mood Tracker app to help me understand the cycle and look for some pattern.
      I track the T in red. Orange is my overal mood. Blue/purple is stress level and green is my carb intake.
      I see know that it is about 8 days of loud ringing followed by 6 of relatively quiet, background ringing.
      For people with cycling T this app may help track the ebb and flow.
      I know I am lucky to get days were the ringing subsides. My heart goes out to others who are never given these days.
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      not sure
      Welcome and thanks for your post. It is nice to have so many quite days. Count that as a positive, definitely, as many members don't get a break.

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