Dalai Lama Comes to Rescue

Discussion in 'Alternative Treatments and Research' started by object16, Feb 14, 2015.

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      overuse of hearing protection, plus noise
      I was having such a severe spike recently, my doctor put me on Clonazepam, in addition to I am already on Mirtazapine, Seroquel, and Lyrica. I knew I had to get off Clonazepam.

      I was talking to my sister in law, and I mentioned I had been listening to Buddhist mantra on YouTube, but it was difficult to sleep to, because of the incessant gong they play to keep time etc.

      So she said that she actually has a CD of the Dalai Lama! With NO gongs in it. It had been given to her by her yoga instructor. My daughter got the CD, and it is recorded in 16 bit audio (not just shitty mp3). My daughter transferred the CD to FLAC format, and last night I put it on: what a miracle. I cut my Clonazepam, from 2 mg to 1 mg, and I was anticipating some Clonazapam withdrawal, but instead, I got 12 solid good hours of sleep. The Dalai Lama in FLAC format is available for anyone who wants it, at the following link:

      <this file no longer exists>

      For me, it works like a miracle drug. I play it at the same time as I have another stereo playing Restful Rain CD, and the combination of the Dalai Lama, with the restful rain, was just too complex for my brain, my brain kept fixating on the Dalai, and the restful rain, and the tinnitus just didn't seem to be intrusive at all, it was very easy to "ignore" it. Tonight is my second night using the Dalai Lama file.

      I encourage everyone to download and play during the night, if you have trouble sleeping, because this has helped me immensely. Tonight, I am cutting back the Clonazapam in 1/2 again, this time to 0.5 mg. If everything goes well tonight, I'll discontinue Clonazepam entirely, then start to wean my other drugs down slowly.
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      Medication - antidepressants
      Did you ever find a combination of these meds that really helped with the levels of tinnitus?

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