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Would you use an app that would log your daily tinnitus variations and lifestyle? (see thread)

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    1. Zam

      Zam Member

      I was wondering if there were some people here interested in helping to develop a phone/tablet application that would allow us to input certain data points so that they may get collected (and potentially anonymized) and analysed to attempt to correlate causes (eating habits, stress levels, physical activity, sleep schedule, etc) to a measured level of tinnitus for each time entry.

      My idea would be to have a more or less objective external testing system. For example, it would start from the lowest decibel level up to the point where the sound heard masks the tinnitus completely. Then given enough data points, and using regressions we could potentially attempt to find out what significantly affects tinnitus, so that our lives may potentially drastically improve from the lifestyle changes that we may have to accommodate for.

      The outline of what the app could do (could be either an iphone/android base or an html5-type web service):

      - Serve as a log of subjective T levels at different times (you could do it once a week or several times per day)
      - Track lifestyle habits such as foods, stress levels, physical activity, sleep, noise encountered, etc
      - Objective tests of Ts (one or more) to determine the frequencies and intensities of each, as well as type of sound heard
      - Track the levels of each Ts over time as determined by the tests
      - Have playback of personalized Ts to mask and habituate the different sounds you hear
      - Provide you with personal and/or global analytics to help find the root cause(s) of your Ts

      If you like the idea, also let me know if you would be willing to pay for it or not, and if so, how much (this is an interest poll so nothing is set in stone yet, and while I would love it to be free, I'm not sure it will be feasible in practice due to server costs and the such).

      If anyone has an app programming or statistical background and is willing to partake in such a project, please post here to see if we could find a way to start such a project. This would basically be on a voluntarial basis because I don't have the income to pay anyone (I will volunteer myself as well, as I have basic knowledge of both programming and statistical concepts).

      Feel free to suggest anything else you may think is pertinent to the project.
    2. Zam

      Zam Member

      I honestly thought there would be more interest; I can't possibly be the only one that wants to gather stats on my condition...
    3. Marcini

      Marcini Member

      Tinnitus Since:
      @Zam This would be very difficult. It varies greatly from person from person and from day to day for each person. It's an idea but I think it would be difficult to do with little benefit sadly.
    4. Zam

      Zam Member

      There are certain questions that can be asked - subjective ones - and an attempt, at least, at gathering objective data, which is theoretically possible.

      I don't believe that it is particularly difficult a task to have a self survey with some simple questions about daily habits and perceived loudness. What comes after will be be judged based on feasibility.

      Like with anything, one must start somewhere.
    5. Venryx

      Venryx Member

      Seattle, WA
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      lucid dream technique
      Yeah, I think something like this would be worth doing. I might want to help... depending mostly on how many people would end up using it if we did complete it. (I'm not a mobile/app developer, by the way, although I'm sure I could learn. Though actually, I'd probably opt for HTML5; for something like this, it's about as powerful as a native app, and let's you write the program/webpage once and make it accessible anywhere.)

      Perhaps we/you could start a poll of some sort? A few years back I probably would have helped either way, but at the moment I have a number of other projects I'm working on, so I want to make sure it's worth the time invested (at least somewhat).

      P.S. Here's a thread with some tinnitus-related projects I am/will-be working on, by the way:
    6. Zam

      Zam Member

      Excellent idea, and I was thinking of adding something similar to what you have to this app, so definitely welcome. As for the format, I'm open to any, so long as it's simple enough to access using a mobile device (and sound playback can be done without needing the device to be active).
    7. Cor

      Cor Member Benefactor

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      Ive also been thinking about an app that could objectively measure T levels for each person. The idea being that you use only 1 set of headphones that you happen to have, and the app would increase volume until it masks your T. Then it keeps logs/graphs over time.

      But such an app must already exist right?
    8. Zam

      Zam Member

      If you find one, let me know :)

      But the larger goal of this project would be to identify the underlying triggers to T and help find ways to lessen them.
    9. g.makulik
      Smoking joe

      g.makulik Member

      83026, Rosenheim, Deutschland
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      No clue! Love Rock'n Roll and Punk Music, and to hear it loud.
      I was actually thinking about the same, and was wondering if an appropriate app exists to log your personal tinnitus experience in a quick and concise manner. I could do with a spreadsheet actually, but meh :-P ...
    10. g.makulik
      Smoking joe

      g.makulik Member

      83026, Rosenheim, Deutschland
      Tinnitus Since:
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      No clue! Love Rock'n Roll and Punk Music, and to hear it loud.
      It might already be helpful, to keep a log about a categorized experience (how T started/changed in intensity and experience over the day). Correlation to possible reasons/triggers is secondary IMHO (as for my case I can't make much relation for e.g. stress situations and increased tinnitus), but may be helpful anyway as a survey.

      I'd love to assist developing an appropriate smartphone app, to gather such data. My rough idea is
      • tell it at least once a day, what your tinnitus experience was/is by certain categories (e.g.)
        • frequency
        • loudness
        • pressure
      • tell it changes of state over the day (optional)
      • create comprehensive and concise graphs for the time line development, to have a confirmation of the efficacy of a certain therapy actually applied
      I'm a professional (and old fart experienced) software developer, and I'm pretty sure I could give some good advice for development of such app. I'd also offer to do some more in depth requirement and use case analysis, as this is one of my premium skills.
    11. linearb

      linearb Member Hall of Fame

      East Coast USA
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      I feel like anything that encourages me to pay an extreme amount of attention to my tinnitus is contrary to how habituation works... I'm also already pretty in tune with my own triggers. Sometimes I pay attention to them, sometimes I ignore them because I still like junk food or cannabis once in a while even if there's a price to be paid.
    12. LadyDi

      LadyDi Member Benefactor

      Florida, USA
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      Put me down as agreeing with @linearb. While I am sure this project is well intentioned, strikes mc as something that could do more harm than good. You want to ignore your T, not track it like a celebrity.
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    13. Mad maggot

      Mad maggot Member

      New zealand
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      I see both sides of the feelings here. I'm not sure either way as I also try to ignore it as much as possible but in my case since it affects my vision, balance and speech it's nigh impossible.
    14. OddV

      OddV Member Benefactor

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      Ear Infection
      I did this for 90 days during the first phase of my AM-101 trial.

      By the end of the trial, I was very annoyed that I had to check in on it everyday. I would not use such an app as I think it is a negative reinforcement.
    15. deanalewis

      deanalewis Member

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      I'm a programmer for the BBC sign me up

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