Dealt with tinnitus with mindfulness until now. Going to try injections!

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      Hello everyone, I've had mild tinnitus for a number of years and when I first got it, I thought it would drove me crazy and was something that could potentially could bring me to the brink of suicide.

      However, I choose to deal with it using mindfulness and instead of having it become my enemy would instead give it love and after only a short time it become nothing more then a background noise I could only hear unless I focused on it.

      Fast forward to today and my tinnitus has finally taken a turn for the worst and became severe after being exposed to loud noise

      I'm hoping that I can apply the same love to even severe tinnitus in the hopes that it would weaken but I'm finding it extremely difficult right now.

      It's created an array of problems including lack of sleep but I can imagine you know what it's like

      I've been having thoughts that this could be something that won't diminish so I have a couple questions for anyone willing to answer :)

      I went to an audiologist, and she's prescribed me some blood thinning tablets. So far they haven't been working, at all.

      - So I went again and told her this and said the next treatment is injections which is basically the same blood-thinning stuff but much more intensive; has anyone had any positive experience with this?

      - it's probably a question that can't be answered but is there any chance this will diminish from severe back to mild after having it only a short time and is there anything I could do to increase the chance of that happening?

      - lastly, because this is making me pretty miserable how have you managed to cope with your T and long have you had it?
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      Do some search before taking the injection cause it can may worst of harm the ear. if the doctor prescribe it, well give it a shot.

      Eveing tol :huganimation:
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      I have not heard of the blood thinning treatment, nor have I had it. My T has not returned to a mild state.
      My coping management is to tolerate it, what else can you do? Be involved in external life - your life, too be distracted.

      I'd ask the ENT doctor what they think about blood thinning. Sounds like blood thinning might be like blood pressure pills, not that I know anything. Yeah, I know what you mean when you mentioned the sleeping issue, with T screaming.
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      what blood thinner were you given??
    5. AUTHOR

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      Hey, thanks for the replies, I've been given Pentoxifyllin-ratiopharm

      I've done some research on it and Google hasn't come up with anything so I think this treatment is relatively new

      I doubt it will cause any harm to my ears because it's being injected into my arm so I'll probably give it ago and let people know what exactly this is and if it does me any good :)
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      Hi - was wondering if you had the blood thinning injections and did they help?
      How are you now?
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      Hi there!

      Welcome to the forum! I know this is the last place any of us want to be but I know you will find the support here a real help!

      May I ask regarding your increase, what type of loud noise you were exposed to and the length of time?

      I hope the injections go well, have you seen the ENT regarding the injections?


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