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    1. Dean

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      Townsville qld australia
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      Hi guys , tinnitus since july 2013 after cholesteatoma surgery
    2. Karen

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      First time: Noise 2nd Time: Ototoxic drug
      Hi, Dean, and welcome!

      How is your tinnitus right now? Has it gotten worse recently, or has it stayed about the same since your surgery?
      Did you have mild tinnitus before the surgery?

      We're glad you joined us; there is lots of information and support on this forum, and lots of great folks!

      Best wishes,
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    3. gary

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      Macomb, MI. USA
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      Who Knows
      Hi Dean, welcome to TT. Was your cholesteatoma there since birth, or from a chronic ear infection. What did the Dr say when you told him of your T after the surgery. Did he give you a time frame after the cholesteatoma surgery, as to when it should go away.

      Is the T blasting away, or is it more of a background noise. I sure hope it is the latter.
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