Deceived by my dentist.

Discussion in 'Support' started by quidquid, May 7, 2014.

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      Well, I've had T for almost 10 years and avoided the dentists at all costs, until I recently had a wisdom tooth badly decayed and it needed to be pulled. Was no problem, even with a little drilling.

      So then confident my fears were unfounded I scheduled a cleaning and exam... big mistake.

      I made it clear to my dentist about my T and then I wanted a manual scaling. He asked if he could just use the ultrasonic on the front lower teeth (which had a lot of calcium buildup), I said no... just use the manual technique.

      He did the manual scraping, but when he reached my front lower teeth he used some irrigation (I kept my eyes closed so I didn't see him switch tools)... but later discovered that he had switched to the ultrasonic and the spray was from it.

      That afternoon T started ramping up and one week later I'm still spiking as hard. It's not just more intense, but more of a high-pitched TV whine now. Sounds are a little duller now too, so I have no doubt it affected my hearing.

      My initial T ten years ago was a result of very high frequency sound exposure.

      So I know other people have gotten T from this procedure, but has anybody here had it down... spiked and had it settle down within a reasonable part of the time? I admit I've had setbacks, while I am still trying to stay positive... I just have this big fear it's the new baseline. :(

      Advice and experience is appreciated!
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      God knows
      @quidquid I am sorry that your T went up. My T went up after my dentist went through the whole works for my tooth filling. It has been two years since that session and sadly, the volume did not really go down. However, it did settle down a bit in terms of the pitch. After the initial anxiety and intense regret, acceptance came and it became a non-issue.

      Having said that, I am not sure how long was your exposure time and the actual volume so it might differ from mine. Mine was compounded by a TMJ problem. I hope yours will go down soon enough. I wish you well.
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      Likely stress, anxiety, an antibiotic and nsaids

      I recall reading a testimony from @I who love music wherein he suffered MEGA-T for quite a stretch, then it went back down; maybe talk to him about it.

      Hang in there

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      Me and T are old buddies ... since '74.
      Two things:
      1) when I get a spike, in goes the cotton. My ears have to rest after being tormented.
      2) It's not about T. It's about me. I don't listen to or for T anymore, I gauge my response.
      Yup I had one HORRIBLE spike for a couple years. I avoided all loud sounds and stuffed the cotton in. At times I didn't think I'd get better, but I did. I know my hair cells are pretty thinned out these days so I avoid loud sounds and loud music. Loud music was the starter for me but I also had 20 some years of horrible migraines and the horrible medicine that goes along with them, I've been knocked out, had weird ear problems, had a neck injury that almost cut my head off, punched in the face a few times, and have sinus problems, and the biggest factor (I think) my parents have tinnitus.
      With all those problems, I'm 55 and also have the TV hiss sound, bordering on squealing and consider myself VERY lucky, because I did protect my ears during the spike. The entire spike.
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      Well, my T has slightly grown over the past 10 years... but other than a couple episodes, I took it in stride... I'm an avid traveler and when I'm traveling, the T is there and do I take care but flying around the globe will cause wear and tear.

      I'm dealing with a lot of blame right now.. like I should have had my eyes open whilst the dentist was doing the procedure and then I would have noticed him switching tools.

      Hopefully this will go down... 10 days now since the AT. I was supposed to go back this week to have some cavities filled, but I have a feeling might be a few months instead!
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