Decibels and Safety

Discussion in 'Support' started by Mario martz, Aug 1, 2016.

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      Hey Guys,

      I was wondering about decibels and safety.
      I had an incident tonight...
      I went to a restaurant and I'm not sure how loud it really was....

      I decided to enter, and see how I feel, and also run my decibel app.
      As I sat down and started a conversation with one of my friends, my decibel app was running fast between 78-90 dB.

      As it never settled I downloaded another one... but it was also the same...
      I believe the restaurant's noise was around 85 dB.

      But for some seconds it would peak at 87, 89, 90, 91 (when someone near was laughing, or speaking louder)
      So after 8 minutes I went outside and decided to put on my ear foams.

      And then I had dinner, but I noticed my tinnitus was a little bit louder.

      Now I'm back home and my t (hissing) is very present, I'm note sure if it spiked because of the noise.
      Or something I ate earlier.

      Could I have done more damage because of those 10 minutes without plugs at the restaurant?
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      Noise or maybe... unicorns!
      A few points.

      - I very much doubt it :)
      - you will find often your T is louder after plugs as no noise gets in/out, so your brain is focusing on it - consider some filtered plugs
      - you're anxious, t gets worse when anxious or in a state of fight or flight
      - you may have mild hypercucious so sounds are worse than they actually are - Sometimes it helps to rationalise what the sound is.
      - keep wearing plugs if you're not comfortable :)
      - we have all been through and feeling what you're currently feeling so always feel free to ask for support :)
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      Thank you for your message Paulie!!,
      just dont wanna make things worse for me
      and thank you i think you are right.

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