Delayed Reaction to Perforated Eardrum

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xnomad, May 30, 2013.

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      Hi everyone.

      I perforated my left eardrum surfing 3 weeks ago. It was a very small perforation and not much water got in. I was on antibiotics for a week and made sure I kept the ear dry whenever showering etc. I was very wary of getting an infection as I knew that tinnitus could be a result.

      Anyway all the care I took didn't pay off. Two weeks after the perforation I suddenly got tinnitus in the left ear. At first is was quite quiet and I even thought, if this is for life I can deal with this. I could go outside into nature and not hear it. 3 days later and it's now so high pitched that I can even hear it when driving and in other loud environments.

      I saw an ENT two days ago and he says the eardrum has healed and there is nothing we can do. I had a hearing test and my hearing was excellent. This confuses me, if my hearing is excellent, my eardrum is healed and I have no infection then why do I have the tinnitus shouldn't I have gotten it within a day or two of the accident? You'd think after two weeks you'd be in the clear. :-(
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      There is a chance that you're hearing it more because you're paying it so much attention. You were initially worried about it, from the very start. Your fears were partially realized, and since then you've been monitoring it for improvement (a perfectly natural reaction). However, focusing your attention like that can make it appear worse.

      You've taken a non-threatening sound and started categorizing it as threatening - it's the difference between waiting for a phone call from someone you love and from someone you know is going to be delivering bad news; when the phone rings it's either a lovely sound, or it makes you jump with its volume and harsh tone. It's the same in both cases, though.

      If this is what's happening with you, then it may take a while for you to relax out of this vicious cycle (anxiety about loudness -> focus on noise -> noise seems louder -> increased anxiety -> ...). You may find relaxation techniques, and distraction work for you, where you can give yourself some mental relief from the worry.

      I hope this helps
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    3. peter1974

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      Sounds like my situation. Small hole in ear with tinnitus. 3 weeks now and getting better.

      @xnomad . Did you tinnitus go away?. Also did it get agitated with sounds and diminished with quietness?
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      Hi there

      Did you tinnitus go away? I have a perforated ear drum ( 2weeks ago) and tinnitus still here!

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      Its got better. But still have hissing that is brought on with exposure to certain noises. If I over do it with sound it goes away for a while...
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      5 weeks
      Did your tinitus go away? I noticed this was almost 3 years ago. @xnomad I have the exact same problem as you had.

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