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Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by kmohoruk, Jan 22, 2015.

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    1. kmohoruk

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      Hello Dr. Nagler,

      I appreciate your detailed reply in regards to the questions posed in my previous post.

      As you stated very clearly, as you do not know my case and the details that go along with it - I will take it as general information. One answer that you gave me was something that I would like to follow up with you about.

      When you said:

      I guess you can use Widex devices for TRT, but the Zen fractal tones that come with the Widex devices are contraindicated in TRT. So if all you are using is the "white noise" memory, you are paying for technology (i.e., the fractal tones) that you do not need.

      If the Widex brand (I have Windex Dream) brand would not give me the greatest success with TRT (helping the H and the T), then What brand of device would you suggest would give the greatest success with TRT?

      Your reply brought up many questions that I am currently trying have answered by the audiologist doing the audio part of my TRT. Currently I have not had a LDL test for my H, don't know what TRT category I'm in, and haven't had the Tinnitus reactivity issue addressed that I asked in my previous question.

      Currently the warranty period on my devices is almost up, and if this isn't the proper device that I need, or slight changes need to be made, then I would like to have them addressed with my audiologist before that time.

      While I definitely take into account the statement that you do not know my case, I do realize now that I do have some questions that need to be addressed by my audiologist before the warranty on my devices is up. As I currently don't have a clear picture on where I stand myself regarding some of that important information and how it will help me.

      Thank you again,


    2. Dr. Nagler

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      In TRT the choice of device is largely dependent on the TRT category. For instance, I would recommend a different device for a TRT Category 2 patient than for a TRT Category 1 patient. If your Widex Dream has a broadband sound memory and if you definitely need a hearing aid, then it would likely be just fine for TRT. The fractal sounds used as part of the Widex Zen programs are contraindicated in TRT, but if they come packaged with your Dream device, your audiologist can turn them off. And if you do not need a hearing aid at all, then why not just go with a pair of plain old broadband sound generators! My feeling here is that you do not need to be paying for technology you are not going to use, but since I do not know your TRT category, I'm afraid I cannot be any more specific than that.

      And above all please remember - if you are indeed doing TRT, then the TRT counseling is just as important if not more important than the nitty gritty of the sound therapy. So if your audiologist is knowledgeable and experienced specifically in TRT counseling, then that goes a long way.

      Well here is a perfect example of what I am talking about. There are only three tests that are essential in TRT, and LDL measurement is one of them. If you have not had LDL testing at this point in time, it seems to me unlikely that you are doing TRT at all. That is not to say you are getting bad treatment. That is not to say you are getting inappropriate treatment. That is not to say your treatment will ultimately be ineffective. It is only to say that whatever your audiologist is calling it, what you are getting is likely not TRT.

      stephen nagler

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