Diagnosed with Meniere's Two Years Ago

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      Hi to all, I was diagnosed with Menieres 2 years ago following bouts of vertigo and deafness with pressure. The vertigo can be brought under control withProchloperazine and I haven't had to take any for a while but for the last year I have been suffering from tinnitus and at present has hit an all time high. I discovered this forum at 3am whilst sitting downstairs with noise cancelling headphones on listening to music to get some relief at the minute I have a jet aircraft in my left middle ear warming up to take off, or so it seems. I Have been to ENTs and am on Betahistine which I did try to wean myself off but each time I could feel the pressure build and the deafness start. So for the last year I feel I can't stop taking the Betahistine and the Tinnitus seems to be getting worse, so not sure what to do! I am fairly convinced that all this is caused by an infection, possibly fungal, don't ask me why, it's just a feeling. I'm going to consult a hearing aid specialist as I'm 50% deaf in my other ear from childhood he's suggested hearing aids in both ears, so I'm not in a great place at the moment and your forum has helped, thank you
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      not sure

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