Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013 — 6 Months Ago I Started Developing Hyperacusis

Discussion in 'Support' started by AmberHears, Oct 21, 2020.

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      I've always been more sensitive to loud noises than other people, and 2013 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which, since it affects nerves, can of course affect every part of the body.

      So 6 months ago when I started developing hyperacusis (mostly to road noise from cars driving past the house) my neurologist had me repeat my routine MRI. No new activity was found (though that doesn't mean it's NOT MS; just means there is no visible additional damage to explain it).

      I saw an audiologist who did a hearing exam and said my hearing was great, and she had no idea what would cause hyperacusis in both ears. She put me on Alpha Lipoic Acid as something that "might" help and said if I wanted an inner ear MRI she'd schedule one, but she didn't know what that would show to explain the symptoms.

      I am in the care a psychiatrist for depression, and asked her if it the source could be psychological or anxiety. I'm still pursuing that route, but she wanted to defer to other specialists first with my history of neurological problems.

      I know I shouldn't, but I wear earplugs almost all the time. When I don't have in earplugs I have a white noise machine running or a fan, though sometimes those aren't enough. I have reached the point where I will wake up screaming because of nightmares about noise. We are trying to find a quieter place to move to (we do live on a semi-busy road) but that won't completely solve the problem.

      Earplugs are my safe place and the only thing keeping me from going crazy. I'm going to start reading all these other posts now, but I'm hoping someone can offer some insight. Thanks!

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      some good mf music
      Audiologist mentioned an MRI when you have hyperacusis? Insane.
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      noise injury
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