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Discussion in 'Support' started by Kevin W, May 18, 2015.

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      Hello. I'm new to this. I've had the ringing for 3 weeks now. My primary said it looked like a small sinus infection causing things. Did antibitoics and steroid pack. A little pressure relief, but that is all. Went to ENT and he just wanted to focus on any past experiences with loud noise and just wouldn't pay any attention to the fact that I had pressure in my ears and am still a bit congested. I can tell that am having some issues with things flowing through my head. Eustachian tubes..something. My question is this.

      With these symptoms...slight pain in ears...pressure...congestion. Should that be looked at first as the cause of the tinnitus? As I mentioned, the ENT didn't really seem to relate the two. I have my physical tomorrow and plan to ask them to do an xray on my sinus to rule that out.

      Wouldn't tinnitus that wasn't being caused by some current health issue not include the pressure, pain, etc?

      Thanks very much for your time

    2. Tom Gatwick

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      Let time do its wonders, maybe your tinnitus will sort itself out

      ENT should have seen any abnormalities
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      mid seventies
      I had a hell of a time years ago with clicking and snotting and plugging up and hurting. I've been taking Flonase nose spray for almost 20 years and those symptoms are gone and I think it helps the T volume some. My doctor says so too. It's over the counter now for about 15 bucks. I have several friends who snot and snort and I told them to get some Flonase and they all say it's great stuff.
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