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      Hi everyone, my ringing was very quiet from Monday to Wednesday.. and now its back to how it was.
      I was feeling so hopeful that it may be on it's way out, guess I shouldn't get my hopes up too soon, it's just it's been the first time it's changed for that amount of time since it started 3 months ago..

      However I did find I was feeling much better on these three days, had had a nice few days with the boyfriend and uni was going quite well.. I then spent the day at home on my own on Thursday and hello there it is again.. back to it's normal level.

      Now I'm not sure if I was feeling better because the ringing was low, or the ringing was low because I was feeling better.. all I know is now it's back I'm not feeling so great again. Hate being in this cycle!

      Hope everyone is getting on ok.
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      Hi, Shelley,

      Your fluctuating tinnitus is similar to what many of us are experiencing --- you'll have two or three good days in a row, and think that it's getting better, and then, WHAM! It's back to being a lot worse again.

      But take heart --- you may be getting used to the tinnitus (habituating), plus,during those good days, you were distracted and happy. That really makes a difference. I know that when I'm distracted, it fades into the background. Then, when I'm alone in a quiet environment, the T rears its ugly head again!

      The best thing to do is enjoy those days when it is low, and remember how you felt on the days when it isn't!! You've only had tinnitus for 3 months; trust me, it will get better! Most of us who have had tinnitus for awhile (I've had severe tinnitus for almost 2 1/2 years now) have found that our tinnitus has faded with time. Whether it's through habituation, or something else, it does get better for most of us.

      In the meantime, explore some of the great information on this forum. There are lots of suggestions for supplements that can help you, exercises you can do, sounds you can listen to at night, etc. Best wishes, and I'm glad you had several good days in a row!
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