Oct 11, 2018
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Member, Male

Any attempt to mask met with louder tinnitus. WTF, why does this happen? Why would it get louder than the masking source? I’m fading fast Sep 24, 2023 at 2:07 AM

    1. spedgas
      Any attempt to mask met with louder tinnitus. WTF, why does this happen? Why would it get louder than the masking source? I’m fading fast
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    2. spedgas
      21 hours of therapy a week,all I think about is dying. I habituated very well before. Not sure why it feels impossible to do it again.
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      3. spedgas
        @BrOKeN_1 previous habituation for me was only noticing it a few times a day and not caring. Accompanied by perceived >50% volume reduction. Don’t know if it was actually quieter, but it felt like it. Desperately need that back. Could almost turn attention to it off like a switch
        Sep 23, 2023 at 1:46 AM
      4. Kabitz
        How are you today bud ?
        Sep 23, 2023 at 11:19 PM
      5. spedgas
        @Kabitz Very little has changed for me in the last 5 weeks. Spike still blaring and mood still declining. Close to breaking down and starting meds that were prescribed 5 weeks ago. Terrified to do so, but resistance is weakening.
        Sep 23, 2023 at 11:22 PM
    3. spedgas
      4 week spike. It's shaken me to core. Didn't need them before, but probably resorting to drugs. Almost ashamed to admit. Probably Buspar
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      3. BrOKeN_1
        @kingsfan have you tried fluoxetine? It didn't spike me before so I'm giving it another go. Starting to wish now I would have just stayed on it.
        Sep 19, 2023 at 4:09 PM
      4. spedgas
        @kingsfan I’m assuming the AD caused spikes subsided once you stopped the meds? That’s my biggest fear. A med spike that doesn’t subside.
        Sep 19, 2023 at 5:12 PM
      5. kingsfan
        @spedgas Yes always subsides. I'm very careful to very slowly taper up and taper down.

        @BrOKeN_1 I haven't tried that one yet. My psychiatrist recommended it, so it should be easy for me to get access.
        Sep 19, 2023 at 6:11 PM
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    4. Daniel Lion
      Daniel Lion
      So sorry friend, hang tight and see if the spike disapates. Maybe take a sedative for temporaryv relief,. Prsyng for you
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    5. spedgas
      Wife and kids only thing keeping me from suicide.Wondering how long that’s going to last. I’m done. I had this all figured out once, gone.
      1. BrOKeN_1
        Sry to hear your at a low point agian. I hope you get back on top soon. It certainly can be hard to manage. Family Def keeps me going as well.
        Sep 14, 2023
      2. spedgas
        I just want to get back to where I was. Not cured, but darn close. Thoughts of spending years to get back there are breaking me. If it’s even possible.
        Sep 14, 2023
    6. spedgas
      From level 4 natural habituation(lost overnight) to nearly 4 week spike post COVID, meds being tossed at me by everyone, drowning in sorrow
      1. Utdmad89
        How did you get T to start with?
        Sep 12, 2023
      2. SarahMLFlemmer
        Sep 13, 2023
    7. spedgas
      I haven’t had a setback like this since I first got tinnitus. I don’t know what to do.
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      2. gameover
        I've not researched it heavily, but seems Covid induced T tends to go away, so hopefully some applies to spikes. Seems you made a tremendous progress previously, there is hope...
        Aug 28, 2023
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      3. spedgas
        It’s only been about 10 days. Have been experiencing lots of anxiety and stress around other aspects of life. May be contributing as well. Tons of anxiety just from getting Covid as well. Spike didn’t start until 10 days after positive test.
        Aug 28, 2023
      4. spedgas
        I just want to get back to where I was. Not perfect, but it was good enough.
        Aug 28, 2023
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    8. spedgas
      I need help. This post COVID spike has driven me to the edge. From habituation to this overnight. I’m so lost and just want to end things.
      1. SarahMLFlemmer
        Hang in there. One day, one moment, one second at a time.
        Aug 28, 2023
    9. spedgas
      Lost 5 years of progress to habituation due to COVID. I don’t know if I can go through this again. Life was back on track. Gone
    10. spedgas
      Finally got COVID for the first time. Tinnitus is currently worse. Not sure if it’s the COVID or me worrying about it. Scared.
    11. spedgas
      First time I’ve needed antibiotics since tinnitus started. Probably over worried, but fingers crossed.
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    12. spedgas
      Sitting in dentist parking lot. Going in for some overdue work. Terrified since T started 6 days after last time I had work done.
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      2. Joe Cuber
        Joe Cuber
        Oh man, I hope it went well.
        Jul 8, 2022
    13. spedgas
      Didn’t hear my tinnitus even once today. I’m sure it’s still there, but I’m not going to look for it.
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      2. PortugalTheMan
        it's great that it stays that way. very well
        Jul 23, 2021
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      3. buttercake
        Small victories are victories!
        Jul 23, 2021
      4. Mister Muso
        Mister Muso
        That would be a huge victory for me. Gives us all hope!
        Jul 26, 2021
        Kabitz and sakrt like this.
    14. Drachen
      Hey there. Thanks for the follow! I haven't seen many recent posts from you, but your last two profile updates are fairly positive. Hope things have become only better since then!
      1. SB1981 likes this.
    15. spedgas
      Tinnitus went from center of head to just right ear. Trying to stay calm about this. Seems to be staying this way.
    16. spedgas
      Two years this week. I’ve got undeniable signs of improvement/habituation. Bad days mixed in there, but increasing optimism for the future.
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    17. Paul Hrvat
      Paul Hrvat
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    18. spedgas
      Best tinnitus day in 18 months. Hours when I couldn’t hear it, even when looking. Hoping this trend continues.
      1. aot
        Apr 22, 2020
        all to gain likes this.
      2. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        Can you hear it in a quiet room (or when you wear earplugs in a quiet room)?
        Apr 22, 2020
      3. all to gain
        all to gain
        That's what I call a result! Good luck on continued progress.
        Apr 22, 2020
    19. spedgas
      I wish I had found this forum earlier. My ignorance in the beginning cost me greatly.
      1. OnceUponaTime
        Jan 13, 2020
    20. spedgas
      Statins and tinnitus. Anybody have thoughts about a possible relationship?
    21. Star64
      I have been waiting 18 years, so I feel your pain
      1. all to gain likes this.
    22. spedgas
      Becoming convinced the medical/scientific community will never have an answer for this.
      1. TheDanishGirl
        Never is such a strong word, but sadly I feel deep within that we are a long way from an answer. The brain is super complex and still a mystery in many areas.
        Nov 13, 2019
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    23. Daniel Lion
      Daniel Lion
      A decent week, be great full, your trend is moving in the right direction.
      You can fight this, and you will succeed. You can do this...hugs
      1. Bill Bauer and Phendran like this.
    24. spedgas
      Woke up today to horrible increase after a somewhat decent week. Absolutely no reason for it. I can’t fight this much longer.
      1. InfiniteLoop
        Live for the good days to come.... Bad days are one of the ugly sides of this condition
        Sep 30, 2019
      2. Bill Bauer
        Bill Bauer
        What matters is the monthly trend and the global lows. Setbacks are irrelevant as far as your long term outlook is concerned.
        Sep 30, 2019
        spedgas likes this.
    25. spedgas
      One year today. Things have improved slightly. I question everyday how long I can do this. Faking happiness as much as I can for my family.
      1. Star64, Bill Bauer and Daniel Lion like this.
      2. Daniel Lion
        Daniel Lion
        hope your feeling better
        Sep 15, 2019
    26. spedgas
      Lingering on first ten days I had this. Didn’t have an understanding of it and don’t think I handled it right. Blew my chance to get better
    27. Daniel Lion
      Daniel Lion
      Praying for you....you’ll get threw this.....big breaths
      1. Bill Bauer likes this.
    28. spedgas
      Was stuck with a needle at work from a known IVDU. Put on PEP for the exposure. Terrified of it damaging my ears. No win situation.
    29. spedgas
      Nearly ten months in. Absolutely miserable. I’m drowning here. I don’t have the mental makeup to beat this. Obsessed with this sound.
      1. just1morething
        Understandable. I just had a daytime nap and my noise came on strong when I woke up. I was doing quite well today until then. Maybe I can knock it out somehow.
        Jul 6, 2019
      2. just1morething
        My psychiatrist called Dr. Shulman in NY. She said I can call him too. At least I have some gabapentin and clonazepam.
        Jul 6, 2019
    30. spedgas
      Dealing with huge mood swings. Optimism alternating with misery. Simply unable to ignore this.
      1. just1morething
        Same here. A “normal” day is hard to duplicate.
        Jun 30, 2019
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