Distortions: How Alcohol, Fluid in Ear, Neck and Shoulder Pain Play a Role

Discussion in 'Support' started by Samia, Dec 29, 2022.

    1. Samia

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      COVID-19 vaccine or exposure to noise
      Hi all!

      I began experiencing distortions as if my ear were a blown speaker in January 2022 (11 months ago) in my right ear. High pitched voices, music, movie theaters and restaurants are all the worst, like a blown speaker is involved.

      I had a couple questions for people also experiencing the same thing:

      1. I notice when I have neck pain or shoulder pain, my distortions are really bad. Does anyone understand the correlation here?

      2. I notice when I drink alcohol, the distortions fade/go away. Why is that? Is blood sugar a factor?

      3. Does anyone feel fluid in their ears is a part of this? I feel fluid in my ears move but have been to many ENTs and all say there is no fluid.

      4. Does anyone know if inflammation is playing a role here? One doctor said to take Motrin all the time to reduce inflammation/swelling, when I do that, I just feel fluid in my ears.
    2. momus

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      Alcohol is a central nervous systom suppressant, so one would feel a lessening of the tinnitus (it comes back strong as ever later of course).

      Ear "fullness" is classic tinnitus.

      The neck, shoulder, everything connects to the brain. So yes, that could amp it up, hopefully temporarily.

      Inflammation is bad for everything. Stay far away from inflammatory foods (Google it, there are a lot of them). Eats lots of garlic, some ginger, green tea etc. Again, Google all the foods that fight inflammation.
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    3. AUTHOR

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      COVID-19 vaccine or exposure to noise
      Hey all!

      I just wanted to send a really hopeful update in case someone in here is struggling as much as I have been.

      My acoustic trauma and sound distortion began a year ago, and TODAY is the first time since I was able to go to a restaurant without hearing the distortion!

      I did not have to wear earplugs and the sound of the restaurant did not hurt my ears either.

      I am hoping this is a sign of healing and not just a weird coincidence. I wanted to send you all hope as well!
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    4. Mister Muso
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      Loud music
      That's wonderful! I remember my first meal out towards the end of my first year. I even managed to play something on the public piano at the train station going home. Still wearing my earplugs of course!
    5. Dansco8

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      Did you experience any hypercusis at all?

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