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Discussion in 'Support' started by Marie79, May 19, 2017.

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      They have these new free "shows" now that are like white noise, music, waves etc. It is like a white noise machine but with visual (like waves or stream or something).

      I was having a bad night with T and I am trying to put off taking my benzo for as long as possible and I popped one on and I linked it below. I had my masking music on during it and it REALLY helped. It helped to put the T back in my subconscious a bit. Not some magical cure but the visual mixed with the hypnosis etc for some reason was very helpful for me right now when I was having bad anxiety.

      In fact here it is:
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      Sound therapy can be very helpful when used at night for anyone that has intrusive tinnitus. It helps the brain to focus less on it. As you rightly say: helps to put the tinnitus back into the subconscious. However, some people with intrusive tinnitus prefer not to use sound therapy at night and are not aware they are doing themselves more harm than good.

      The brain and auditory system never switch off. If the brain hears silence when we are asleep, it has the ability to search for sound. It will turn up its internal volume or "gain" to achieve this and at the same time the tinnitus will also increase, making it louder and more intrusive during waking hours. It works in a similar way to someone that has tinnitus caused by "Hearing loss". The brain will turn up its internal volume (background activity) to search for sounds from the outside world that it's unable to hear and this can produce tinnitus. When a person is fitted with a hearing aid/s, it supplies the brain with extra sound. Over time the brain reduces (lowers) its internal gain and the tinnitus decreases in volume too.

      A sound machine playing nature sounds during the night, will supply the brain and auditory system with sound enrichment. Over time the brain will lower the tinnitus making it less noticeable during waking hour. This is the advice given by professor Jasterboff, founder of TRT and I agree with it.


      PS: When using sound therapy at night it is important to set the sound lower than the tinnitus. It must not mask it or cover it up. The brain cannot habituate to tinnitus unless it can hear it.
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