Do I Have Hyperacusis Based on These Symptoms?

Discussion in 'Support' started by JTIII, Oct 7, 2015.

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      Right off the bat, I do not have tinnitus. Every few months I will get a sudden volume drop in one ear, followed by about 30 seconds of ringing, but it resolves itself very quickly. (ok maybe I do have mild tinnitus...) But there is no constant ringing at all. It is very sparse, mild, and brief.

      I have been extremely sensitive to (and obsessed with) to sound my entire life, but this may be separate from the actual condition, or even the cause. I have been collecting various hi-fi headphones, speakers, and IEMs for as long as I could research and buy them. Audio and music is one of my greatest passions in life. I tend to listen to my music on the loud side, which may be the cause of this.

      My symptoms are that when I hear sudden loud noises, such as my mechanical keyboard clacking away, my ears feel like they are wincing and they create this odd "thunder" like sound inside of my head similar to what I hear when I am yawning. This doesn't occur during the sound but immediately fills the following silence after the sound is over for a about a second.

      the time line would look like this:

      sudden loud sound > silence > feel ears wincing / whooshing thunder sound

      It is really becoming an issue for me, and causes these odd feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety when it occurs repeatedly. Would ditching loud music all together make this go away? It really makes me feel like a prisoner in my own body sometimes :(
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      it's tympani tensor syndrome, it's just you brain triggering a muscle inside your ears in a failed attempt to reduce sound volume. it's perfectly bening and doesn't cause pain. it's not hyperacusis :)
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      Loud music isn't good for anyone. If these symptoms don't serve as warnings signs then I don't know they are.
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