Do I Have Tinnitus? Pressing on an Area by My Ear Quietens My Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by elkonigin, Dec 24, 2015.

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      I've had a whooshing, wind blowing sound in my left ear since Dec 5th.

      I've been to an ENT and my hearing is perfectly normal and my tubes are functioning. However, he offered nothing above the diagnosis of "You have tinnitus" and sent me on my way with no other help.

      However, I've noticed that if I press on the ear below my ear and behind my jaw (by the hinge) the sound quiets if not silences completely.

      So my question is this, I know that I have Tinnitus, but what could it be a symptom of? I've googled it with little success.

      My dentist has said that it doesn't look like I have TMJ and the hinge of my jaw looks perfect.

      Is anyone else able to quiet their tinnitus by pressing on an area by their ear?
    2. Atlantis

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      Your tinnitus appears to be structural. Maybe there's a problem with a vein?

      Your tinnitus may be objective. A doctor may be able to hear it using a stethoscope.
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      Music, Guns, Q-Tips
      I can quiet my pulsatile T by doing the reverse of what most people do to clear their ears on a plane. My tone T can not be quieted in this way though.
    4. AUTHOR

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      Thanks for your help!
      There's no tone, just a whooshing noise that's pretty much constant. Sometimes it dims if there's enough noise, but just sitting down and watching television doesn't do it. I would have to be in a crowded mall to make it dim to a less noticeable level.

      But if I press on my jugular (like taking a pulse) or turning my head to the left (like I'm turning towards the noise) it goes away. That's weird, right?

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