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      Hey all, im Eric. About 5 days ago i realized i had a ringing in my ears, and it has not gone away since, although it has varied in loudness. Im 19 years old, i do play music in a band and i have been to maybe about 80 concerts (none of which have been very recent). I wear earbuds every time my band and i practice which significantly reduces the percieved loudness. When i listen to music on my phone, i have it a little bit more than half way up. When i listen to music in my car, i usually have it pretty loud admittedly, loud enough to where if anyone else was in the car, i would have to raise my voice for them to hear me.
      Now, knowing this, do you guys think i for sure have tinnitus? Like i said, ive only had the ringing for a few days and my doctor said i could have ringing for a certain reason, but maybe not the actual tinnitus disorder. He told me some things to try to see if that fixes the problem. What do you guys think? Is it assumed that i basically have permanent tinnitus? Or could the ringing i hear be unrelated to permanant tinnitus
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      Noise induced, repeated exposure with loud headphones.
      Hi Eric,

      What did your doctor ask you to try?

      It seems like you could have noise induced tinnitus, but there's no way of knowing if you'll have it permanently or temporarily. You may fully recover from this, or at least you should habituate to it to the point where you don't notice it or it doesn't bother you.

      You should keep away from loud music for a good while, and even then take this as a warning to be careful.

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      Explosion starting engine
      You can always "back track". Because you are not using hearing protection in your car. You know how loud the music in your car is in general. You can check this with a dB measuring instrument. You also know how long your average trip is. You can find a list on the internet that tells you how long before noise induced hearing damage on average occurs.
      Did you use hearing protection during the concerts?
      Let us hope it will go and you can use this as a warning.

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