Do Sounds Around You Feel Louder Now Than Prior to Tinnitus?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Lorenzo74, Sep 28, 2015.

    1. Lorenzo74

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      Recently I went twice to loud venues for a couple of hours, as after more than one year and a half actively avoiding loud places I decided to give it a go and work on my fear...

      Off course I had musician earplugs on, but a couple of times as I was getting out to get some hair and I was taking the earplugs out, I would hear the music so much louder than I remember it to be from the times before T.. And I did go a lot to discos and clubs in my 20's and 30's...

      I could not understand how people could be in there without earplugs, so I am confused wether I just have much more sensitive ears after T or actually the places have become so much louder and nobody seems to care...

      I realize that also when cutlery and cups are moved about in a bar I do feel more discomfort compared to the past...

      Maybe I have a light Hyperacusys with my T ?

      I don't know I just wanted to hear other people's feelings about external loud sounds...

      Take care !
    2. Sgguy46

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      Yes. Especially metallic sounds.
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    3. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi Lorenzo,
      You might have a little hyperacusis but it should go.
      I wear hearing aids and we went a party at the weekend and I took my aids out as they would amplify the loud music but we sat near the back.
      I found the music way to high even at the back and wish other people would protect their ears...lots of love glynis
    4. Mad maggot

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      I think this is hypercussis. Sorry - probably spelling error. But this seems common with tinnitus sufferers here. I have it but it's not constant. It may be a few hours where everything sounds way too loud and annoying and then it's fine again. Weird.
    5. Cheza

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      Barking dogs/stress
      Noise has always seemed louder to me than other people, particularly the noise of high-pitched barking dogs. But since the onset of T, plates being put in the cupboard, the microwave beep, items being dropped to the floor and traffic noise all seem much louder, needless to mention freakin' car horns and yapping dogs.

      @glynis Lorenzo has had tinnitus since December of 2013, so it's likely that the current level of his perceived sensitivity to sound is not going to go away. Hyperacusis generally rears its ugly head in the earlier stages and then lessens within a few months, if a person is lucky.

      Good article on hyperacusis:
    6. Sailboardman

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      Sensorineural hearing loss right ear.
      Sometimes certain noises seem loud, but they have to be pretty damn loud, for it to bother me. At the onset of T, everything seemed annoyingly piercing. Initially, I had Hyperacusis for sure. However, I'm not to sensitive anymore, unless it's screaming sirens, etc.
    7. PaulBe

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      Probably sound, though never proven
      It makes sense too that when you've separated yourself from sound to an extent, then to go back into such environments everything will seem louder anyway because you've ceased to be accustomed to those volume levels in your life. That's before you even talk about your symptoms spilling over into hyperacusis which ups the ante even further.
    8. AUTHOR

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      Hy guys !

      thank you for your inputs, very much appreciated..

      I suppose I do have a light hyperacusis then... And as @Cheza said I feel it is permanent since I believe I have had this level of sensitivity since T came around, but I was never really able to confirm it as I had not been anywhere noises and I actually always avoided such places...

      Then again also @PaulBe 's argument makes sense, so it might be a mix between Hyperacusis and not being used to loud noises anymore...

      Last night I also went to see "Everest" at the cinema and same thing happened.. I had to plug my ears as the noises of the action really felt very loud on me...

      On the other hand, luckily, I don't have spikes at all (at least so far)... That is why I wanted to face the fear and try loud places, but then again I might have to avoid them not as much for T, but for H then...

      What a confusing and sad condition this is... !!!!

      I must say I felt really uncomfortable at the party having to wear earplugs around friends and trying to understand what they were saying while trying to dance to music and answering weird questions on why I had earplugs in the first place... It made me feel wrong to be there and not able to be the fun guy I used to be... Sorry I needed a little rant at the end... :)

      Hugs to all....
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