Do You Have Tinnitus AND Clogged Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jim Goose, May 27, 2019.


Do you have tinnitus AND clogged ears?

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    1. Jim Goose

      Jim Goose Member

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      I've had tinnitus 24/7 for three months. But I’ve also had clogged ears, which is almost as annoying. I have to equalize my ears all day for relief. I’m also using Flonase and a saline spray, the latter of which has helped.

      I’m hoping it could be allergy related, and the doctor's office said that for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction they’d just recommend Flonase etc. So who knows?
    2. Steve0

      Steve0 Member

      Victoria, Australia
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      Have you had the machine test your eustachian tubes ? It's a device they stick in your ear canal and it blows air in and measures the pressure.

      One of mine feels blocked on and off and I thought it would be wax or blocked eustachian tube but it turned out to be neither.
    3. Andy9214

      Andy9214 Member

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      Hearing test
      I’ve been having the same issue! Don’t know what to do. I had the ent check check with the machine that measures pressure and they said it was fine. Can’t understand where the clogged feeling is coming from.
    4. Ruse
      No Mood

      Ruse Member Podcast Patron Benefactor

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      NIHL & TMJ
      Sometimes clogged ears can spike my tinnitus though it has never single handed eddy caused it.

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