Do You Think My Tinnitus Will Go Away? I'm Only 13 Years Old...

Discussion in 'Support' started by khayla, Sep 21, 2015.

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      hi! i'm 13 and about three months ago i noticed a ringing in my right ear when i was trying to sleep. it doesn't bother me throughout the day, because i can only really hear it when i'm in dead silence or like at night when i'm in bed. it gets really annoying and i have no idea why i have it? like it came out of nowhere and i don't listen to loud music or anything. do you think it will go away? like i'm still really young and have a lot of my life ahead of me so i'm really scared
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      not sure, but probably acoustic trauma
      See a doctor and make sure you get all possible tests done. If you haven't heard loud music, it might be something else that CAN be cured. The thing I advise concurrently is to learn to manage your fear. Calm down and don't think about stuff that hasn't happened yet. I tell myself :' calm down, it's just some frigging noise. I am not having a heart attack or something life threatening.'

      Remember, things can get better, there's no law that says that they must become bad. Also, as advised in an excellent article by ATA, do your own research too. Don't limit yourself to just accept the doctor's opinion. Read about tinnitus but only set a limited amount of time for it. Get the free leaflet advice from all the major tinnitus associations, they are very helpful, for example if you can't sleep after 30 minutes, get up and try later.

      Also mask the noise with a 'masker' : I use constantly an mp3 player with the sound of falling rain (without thunder). I also leave stuff on, like a fan, tap water, anything that creates pleasant or 'normal' noise.

      Stay calm, take action, ask questions and seek help from the doctors, and let us know how it's going.

      Best wishes,
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      It might go away. Remember to stay away from loud noise and especially during the next 6 months - as this is the period that tinnitus is most likely to go away. If you need to go to loud places like a birthday party or a noisy restaurants, go to the pharmacy and buy earplugs and read the instructions on how to insert them PROPERLY.
      But even if it doesnt go away, we might have a cure in the next couple of years. So cheer up.
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      If it wasn't noise induced chances are good that it will go away. Add to that your youth and therefore resilience and your chances are very good! If it doesn't go away in another 3 months probably see a doctor about it.

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